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Very strange,,

2009-07-13 16:10:37 by HUNRobar

I'm very surprised as my game Overwhelmed has awesome reviews with an average of 9.2 while it has 3.05 points in general voting... Can you explain it? Newgrounds is a most important place for me to publish my flash creations and I'm very confused with all of this. There isn't any new entry in the Highscores, but I tested on several computers and it worked.. Please help me understand this because I worked on this game more than a month and I'm getting really disappointed..


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2009-07-15 05:05:44

that's very odd that with the 9.2 and 3.05. the only reason I can think of is that the people voting seem to have a much shorter attention span than those who take their time to write a review. which means that the reviewers tend to appreciate it more.

and on the part of the high scores.... it works! I just submitted and i came in 14 place!